Hobby Or Addiction Of Your Stress Buster.

Hobby is a thing everybody can’t live without. But nowadays, hobby has turned into Addiction. Which means, “I do this, because I want to do this”. Rather than, “I do this, because I love to do this”. So, Dancing is my hobby. But as I said, Dancing is my stress buster too.  Some listen to music,  some smoke,  some drink,  some drink tea, etc.  My stress buster is listening to music and dancing.  Watching all kinds of choreography on social media had led me to learn those.  At times,  I used to believe that everybody can dance, not a big deal. But when I came across to such choreography then I was unable to even move my legs.  So fast and yet so gracefully they dance.  Each step is so clearly stood-out.

But is it necessary to keep any kind of addiction just to keep our-self out of stress. Well it depends on what kind of addiction you have. Since I have mentioned, some even drink and smoke, I have seen heavy smokers too. Obviously we all know heavy drinking and smoking can lead to health problems. Even at times, I used to eat 4 to 5 vada pavs (Indian Burger) at once for my stress buster. So, Is dancing and listening to music good? What if I say that even this is not good. Yes, Listening to soft music makes you more sad. Because when you are sad you not only understand the lyrics but also you feel it. Loud music can make you more tired and  also sleepless at night. Dancing is good for health. But again, how do you dance? How hard are your steps? This again not only will make you physically but also mentally tired.

Dance at marriage function

Dance at marriage function

I was a good dancer in my childhood days.  And I was very proud of this.  Flaunting my dance moves,  teaching others,  really makes me proud. For them, I was “the” Saroj Khan. Days went on and then came the reality show of dancing “Dance India Dance – Season 1” which literally put down all other dancing shows.  The dance of each n every contestant was so unique that whoever said “I know dancing” put them to shame.  And so was I. Shaking hands and legs doesn’t mean that you know dancing.

Days went on and there were lots of dance centers around.   Along with that came the social media. Where all choreographers started uploading their own dance moves.  Which  made them “The Social Media Star”.  But also a quite disappointment because people started learning their dance without their consent.

Hint: If a video is uploaded on YouTube.

-> Go to that link.

-> Click on the ‘settings’ of that media player.

-> Click on playback speed. Default is normal.

-> Click either on 0.75 or 0.5 and learn the moves.

See, what not you can do, just sitting at home.

But to be honest, such addition is just our mentality. We have “trained” our minds to get out of stress when performing such tasks. Change your addiction and see.  Like how I have changed mine, from vada pav to Dancing. If u really want to tackle any situation or stress , the best is meditation (A proper meditation course). Try it.

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