Fascinating Facts



Lions are not very fast Animals. However, the animals they hunt are some of the fastest on the planet. A wildebeest can achieve a top speed of around 80 Km per hour! There are however two things that help the lion – firstly, they’re extremely good at hiding and they are Astonishingly patient.

Fascinating Facts - Lions

The Indian Cork Tree :

The Indian Cork Tree or Tree Jasmine is a tall deciduous tree which can grow up to 25 meters high and the branches might spread to 10 meters. The branches are brittle and can easily break under a strong wind. The flower is bell-shaped with four small petals. One petal of flower is bigger and V-shaped, so it looks like the flower has five petals. The flower grow in clusters while the sweet and gentle fragrance of these flowers is awesome.

Fascinating Facts - The Indian Cork Tree

Hornbill :

Hornbill are famous for their huge bills, flattened and curved, with toothed edges and bony helmets over the upper jaw. They feed on insects, snails, lizards, small rodents, bird, chicks and eggs. The hornbill are famous for their habit of enclosing their nest. The nest is usually made in a tree hole. Manipulating her bill like a trowel, The female uses clay and her own excreta to pack the entrance into the nest. The male consolidates this “prison” on the exterior. This way, the nesting female is protected against monkeys, squirrels or snakes. The calls of the hornbill vary from a hideous laugh to laud cackles !!

Fascinating Facts - Hornbill

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