Facebook – The God !!

Facebook!!! Facebook !!!!

Need Help — Ask Facebook.
Someone missing — Registered your complain on Facebook.
Very Angry — Tell Facebook
Very Happy — Inform Facebook
You are on Vacation — Please inform Facebook first & then to your Family.
Not Well — Take Medicines from Facebook.
In need of Job — Update your Resume on Facebook.
& Many More!! (Here; Zyaada Wala More)

Its very good that Facebook is capable of handling such post…

What If Facebook was human being ?? I guess he would be our GOD. People will worship him day-n-night.
There would be temples in each corner & in every house, Facebook’s photo must have worshipped.

But Yes… Some People DO IT..

I have seen some people, writing such posts on Facebook & It is still continuing..
People ask stupid question, Says which medicines to take when they have COLD, cry for JOB, etc etc etc.

But are such posts good ??
Some take its in positive way, some laugh and some even commit crime.

Crime se yaad aaya, I have read 2 -3 suicide note and that post was from same person.. & I still wonder, how she manage to face her friends and relatives, being (STILL) alive.

Anyways.. This will continue & FACEBOOK will remain our GOD !!

Here are some funny post on Facebook

Facebook Post - Fist Night or First Night ??

God !! Please bless me first from this post

Facebook Post - Lucky Man on Honeymoon

Wow.. this man is very lucky enough.. They Should be named as ‘THE RED GANG’

Facebook Post - The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four

Facebook Post - Imraan Hasmi, unnecessary will get ban

Please do not ban Imraan Hashmi for this !!

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