The Angles of Numbers

Why “One” is  “1”  and  “two”  is  “2”  is very interesting to learn.

In our daily life, We have just mugged up what we have learn, but we never think why  “one”  is  “1” ,  “Two”  is  “2”,  etc..

Its like the song from “Rock on” movie…

Aasman hai neela kyon?… Paani geela geela kyon?…. Gol kyon hai zameen?… Silk mein hai narmi kyon?… Aag mein garmi kyon?….Do aur do paanch kyun nahin?

Same way, There are different question in our mind…

Lets try to figure it out why  “one”  is  “1”   and  “two”  is  “2”

Click here to find out the The Angles Of Numbers

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