The Buzzwords

As such all my days are lazy, But today was the best laziest day. Life is pretty easy when you don’t have any responsibility. You have only studies to do. But what if, there were no studies in life. What about History, Geography? What about a simple mathematician. What you do, when you have nothing to do? I search For the buss words, the memes. So I came across ‘The Covid batch’ memes, and I found it hilarious. With All graphics and videos in it, these memes are hilarious.

In today’s pandemic, when someone gives the wrong answer, we tag them as Covid batch. But is it true that kids are not taking studies seriously? Lets find some memes on Covid batch: (Got hold of the Internet)

Someone: kid, 5+5 how much?
Kid: 55
Someone: Oh. Covid batch.

Someone: What is Newton’s second law of motion
Kid: Don’t know, Law is not our subject
Someone: Oh. covid batch.

Someone: Who are you?
Kid: I’m fine..
Someone: Covid batch.. I asked “Who, who”.. Who are you ???

Kid: How different would science be if Newton’s fallen fruit was a coconut??
Someone: You are from covid batch.. still ???

Someone: Tell me something about Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj?
Kid: Its last station on Mumbai’s central line.
Someone: Get lost you covid batch.

Kid: you know, there are 8 planets in the solar system
Someone: No, it’s 9
Kid: You are not from covid batch. Still??
Someone: It was 9, when I used to be of ur age. And there was no global warming, u see..
Kid: Oh is it?
Someone: Ohh.. covid batch..

Someone: Show me that printout
Kid: Well the printout is in coloured and you asked for black n white
Someone: How does it matter?? Are you from covid batch?

So, such memes will keep on coming in our life. It will keep your mind free and energetic. Do have a look on instagram and enjoy all such buzzwords. Stay safe. get vaccinated.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post
And Covid Batch, Please do some studies.

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