Work’s Destiny

“I am not well, I will work from home” – Those were the days, when we used to cry and wanted to work from home. Everyone wanted a fixed office time and wanted a holiday on weekends. Now  everyone’s dreams have come true but on a very sad note. Yes, Everyone was forced to work from home, almost 22 hours a day, No weekends. The work culture has horribly changed in these past two years. Some went into depression, some even commit suicide. The pressure of work was so much that people could not handle it. Though there was a layoff, there were resignations too. Seniors blame their juniors for not working, and juniors complain about horribly excess work. Some companies announced that they will keep this work from home culture till 2025. While some companies even announced permanent work from home but with pay cuts.

Students always dream about not giving exams. Yes, their dream also became true but one horrible phase came in their life that some company said no placement for this passout students. Now these students either have to go through nepotism or do further studies so that they are able to get a job. Feeling very bad for these students, who danced with their hearts out and later realized that they were dancing on very very cheap songs.

But is this work from home culture right? Well, I genuinely feel, every work should have its own place. Home is the place to relax and have fun. Home is the place to be busy, but in some other ways and in some other things. I know covid made this situation work for everyone from home but now it’s time to take precautions and get back to the place where the work belongs. Employees who stood with the company in these two years should be given a pay rise. People who were laid off, should get retained.

In this progressing world, we need robots for each and every work. But I personally feel, if everything is replaced by robots then people will sit at home and start scratching their bums. People will start watching all the toxic serials and reality shows on TV and start implementing them in real life. The future of robots is a very very bad stage for human beings. I have heard many things about advanced technology like delivery by drone, flying cars, and even talking human-like robots. Believe me, It’s not good. If the drone starts delivery of food, The humans will be jobless and they have to learn a new job. If talking robots come into our life then we will require no family and friends to have fun around. This will lead to frustrations and depressions because such things are cured by human beings only who can understand the pain, not robots.

Science and technology is good, very good but it has to be used in the right way and at the right place. Not in every human’s place. Even we programmers have to go through the pain of learning new programming languages not because we love it but the old one deprecates soon and we have no choice but to learn it and that too in a short time. Trust me guys, it is not easy to switch from one programming language to another. I still remember when HTML5 overtook the flash. My friend, who was a flash developer, had to resign from job so that he could study some other stuff and apply for a fresh new job. Resigning from job was easy for him because he was not married and he had money, which meant he had no big responsibility in his life. For some, learning new things is not at all possible. Learning new things is not everyone’s cup of tea. When working from home, it was expected from us to learn new things. But when will you learn? At midnight? Being at home, Being with your family, still no social life, still no part of your family.

— “When I was of your age, I used to study in street lights”…
— “When I was of your age, I used to earn, and study at night..”
— “When I was of your age, I used to walk 5kms and cross a dangerous river, everyday, to attend school”..

Yes, it’s true. Not comparing or complaining. But in future, we will tell our kids;

— “When I was of your age, It was compulsory to study online and work from home and earn, 24*7”..
— “When I was of your age, I used to earn by uploading videos on YouTube and scoring maximum points on video games”
— “When I was of your age, I never went out. Because going out was dangerous”.
— “When I was of your age, I was at home 24*7, Still had no time to talk to family”

This work’s future will lead to unemployment. There are many small jobs in the world which is totally depend on the office. If the office does not reopen then these small jobs will be in danger. Even companies who manufacture coffee machines will be in danger. Because offices need such machines. Every small thing we can think of, is  connected to the reopening of the office. Even electricity. We think that electricity will be saved but believe me, there will be Inflation. Though we earn but still we will be unable to afford everything. Not even food delivery of idli-dosa.

Every work should have a place, and every work should be done by humans. Else, the day is not too far to say that we are dharti ka bhoj (totally and completely useless for everyone). 

9 thoughts on “Work’s Destiny

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  2. We can be peaceful at the end of the day only when all assigned tasks are done with unwavering focus. As i always believe and it has being my pet line” work done well is the greatest comfort on this planet”. And apparently each and every area of work should be done at that assigned time. Even the most mundane work( mundane work as believed by acid aunties and uncles and sadly few youngsters too) like cleaning, mopping sweeping ,laundry.,cooking( forget eatiing)should be ideally done in morning, one phone call from boss at around 7.30 Am or a watsapp ting ting at 7.Am asking for some information ,since you are working from home, especially when you are in middle of your domestic tasks, has a tremendous potential to leave you no where, isnt it? Especially when many people( all genders) in our country believe ghar mein kaam hota hi kya hai? People are made to do official work for more than official hours with pay cuts. Its a long long story. Sadly , we were not allowed to condition our thought process and beliefs to face these unprecendented times which left us with depressing juggle, in this dense jungle of what to do and what not to do.

    • @AparnaBhatkal… My god so long comment.. Yes, this work from home led to zero personal life. Thanks that slowly everything is going to its own place now.

  3. I completely agree to each and every word .Wish this work from home culture passes soon .home is the place to be with family talk share eat and not seeing the laptop for 24 hours..

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