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Hello my readers!! A very good day to all. Here I am, with yet another time-pass content. So, we all have clicked photos of clouds. Yes, I have clicked a lot. Infact my gallery has a folder which has only cloud photos. Whenever I see  clouds in a mesmerizing way then I click its photo. Some people call this crazy. In fact there are memes on the internet too, that we all turned to professional photographers whenever we see clouds.


Luckily, I have an open environment view. So watching moving clouds, watching grey clouds before and after rains are hypnotizing. I have always clicked the photo before the rain starts. 

So what do we do afterwards with these photographs? To be honest, I simply forget about it. Just because it’s not a memory. I uploaded all these photos to Google Photos. People who are creative, use such photographs in the background and write some quotes on it or add some songs. Well, some people get songs so easily, and in my case, I am not able to think about the song which I want. Because I am not a song- “Add story” person. Means, I do , but I post about my blogs only. I do not add stories related to clouds and add songs to it. But I never imagined that I would use this in my blog.

Sometimes, the clouds are so enchanting that I wish to play with it and sleep on it. I even wish to make snowballs out of it. I had seen this in a cartoon and I wished to do the same. Recently, I came across one video on Facebook where pilots took video of their plane flying over the thundering clouds. Since the video was in time-lap, the view was so amazing and at the same time dangerous too.

I know the science behind this creation of clouds. The water density, the condensation. But still, it feels like magic. Magic of holding the water and providing to us only for a particular period of time. Magic of  creating any shape which resembles any living being. And all of the above, magic of creating the image of god. When the rays of sun passes through cloud, I always have this sentence, “This too shall pass, this is rays of hope”


Just imagine what the sky would be like without clouds??

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A Few Clicks To Remember 

Hello my fabulous readers. When I was enthusiastic, I had a habit of clicking pictures of everything. Whether it was a party, outings or just a casual meet, I never forget to click pics. Some people disliked this, because I had a habit of clicking their pictures without their permission. Obviously, It was bad because sometimes, the picture portrayed some different situation, some different story. But I never shared such pics with anyone, but yes I have shared the rest of the pics. I even blackmailed my friends with those pics. In a joking way, of course.

Golf Course, Ambey Valley, Lonavala @MakeTimeForThingsYouLove

Not only that, I was very fond of the newly launched mobile with a high tech camera. Long back, I had even bought one. I still have that mobile in working condition. But because of rising technology and the internet, I had to buy a new phone because of this 4G-5G support. Yes, but this time, I didn’t buy it with my money. and also, by that time, I started losing my interest in technology.

Masala Papad, Indian side / time pass dish, Jai Hind restaurant, Lower parel , Mumbai @MakeTimeForThingYouLove

Over time, I started losing interest in capturing moments too. Now-a-days, I am too lazy to click pics. Also, I find it boring to pose for someone, to be in a pic. Whether it is clouds, or shades of lights on water, even some print on bedsheets, I had clicked all. Whether food, my new haircut, or some xyz statue, I didn’t leave any stone to capture it. By the way, I have clicked  pics of stone too. People said, enjoy the moment, don’t waste it by clicking pics. True, But memories do come back when we see photos. As such, I don’t remember some places that I had visited a long time back. But when I see the pics, I recollect all the places. Thanks to google, for giving us notification of photos memories. We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise it’s gone.

Shades of lights, Haji Ali, Mumbai @MakeTimeForThingsYouLove

When I see my old pics of some vacation, I sometimes laugh. Because the way I dress  was funny. But sometimes, I also see the accessories I had worn that time. The nails, nail paint, the hairband, not so messy hair, the shoes, the watch, etc. and sometimes shocking because I really don’t know where these accessories are? Because some dresses I still wear. And Because, I had visited this place too.

Sea lion show, Jungle Safari, Bangkok @MakeTimeForThingsYouLove

I am not at all a professional photographer. I don’t have a DSLR. I had one digital camera. and I carried it once in the Mumbai rains. RIP. My digital camera, you will be missed, always. I had always clicked snaps from my mobile. When Nokia was ruling, I had this awesome phone. Don’t remember the model number, but it was a flap mobile. The camera quality and also the zoom quality was awesome. But I don’t know how I lost it. But now with this latest mobile, I don’t know what’s wrong with this. The camera quality is good at start, but when you update the software, it loses all its quality, even some features. So it happened with my latest mobile too. Now, the camera quality is not so good.

Clicked from my Nokia phone, Mahalaxmi temple, Goa. @MakeTimeForThingsYouLove

So what’s great in clicking pics? When a professional photographer clicks your photos, he or she makes sure that you feel good, look good and special in that photograph. All your emotions come out, when you see your own inner image. But when a roadside photographer, like me, clicks your photos, You will either be laughing or you will find the devil inside you. But on a serious note, after a few years, you will feel great that you have not clicked, but you have captured the memories. You have arrested the memories.

Munnar, Kerala @MakeTimeForThingsYouLove

Have a great day.. Keep clicking photos. 

Shared / sharing some photos here, clicked by me.

Kalathil Lake Resort, Kumarakom, Kerala @MakeTimeForThingsYouLove
Nariman Point Sky Line, Mumbai @MakeTimeForThingsYouLove
Diwali Festival 2012, Mumbai @MakeTimeForThingsYouLove

** all images are captured by me. Please do not use the images without my permission **