2016 – A Leap Year

As per Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, The Leap Year is also known as Intercalary Year or Bissextile Year. One extra day is added to synchronized with Solar Year to keep their Seasons on track.

Every year divisible by 4 is a Leap Year
But every year divisible by 100 is NOT a Leap Year
Unless the Year is also divisible by 400, then it is still a Leap Year.


if (year is not divisible by 4) then (it is a common year)
else if (year is not divisible by 100) then (it is a leap year)
else if (year is not divisible by 400) then (it is a common year)
else (it is a leap year)


Some Funny Facts:

Ireland has the tradition which dictates that women can get down on bend knee and propose for marriage to their partners. To celebrate this tradition, Tourism Northern Ireland is launching a loved-up competition, on February 29 2016, to find the country’s most romantic proposal idea and help them to make it happen for one lucky lady and her unsuspecting partner.


In 1288, the unmarried Queen Margaret of Scotland created a law which allowed women to propose on a leap-year day. However, things were not that simple, women had to wear a red petticoat to warn her fellow gentleman that she was on the prowl for a husband.


Proposing on a leap year is considered as good luck. It is believed that this luck would reduce the chances of divorce and endorse lifelong love.


Leap day babies are called Leapers or Leaplings.


It is widely believed that a leap year should not end in major purchases and distant trips. Even dying hair or changing hair-do is ill-advised. Speaking about changes of the workplace or starting up a business is also completely taboo.


The Church customarily bans certain dates for two love birds to tie the knot. According to Orthodox canons, people cannot take the oath of holy matrimony on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and before major holidays during Lent. Getting married on all the other days of the week is permitted. If a leap year was not “out of the ordinary”, this most likely would be reflected in church law.

2016 – A Leap Year

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